How to Use Quick Payment Channel?
Modes of International Payment

1.Credit Card

2.Western Union


4.Telegraphic Transfer(T/T)

Tips: It is more easier and convenience for you to choose the western union,moneygram or T/T.

Advantages as follows:
1.10% discount.
3.Priority delivery
4.Sweet/cool/amazing gifts.

Or Use the payment of credit card.
1.Please make sure that your credit card has already authorizationed by overseas payment.
2.Billing information must be the same as the credit card information.
3..What you paid for this order will be more than the amount of actual order. But don't worry.The amount of difference was caused by the exchange rate and International Transaction fees.Also diffferent fees of credit card companies.
4.Choose the Quick Payment of credit card.
 1.Find out the Quick Payment Button at the top of the right corner.
 2.Fill up the order number.
 3.Choose one of payment methods.(ourorder or sfepay)
 4.Click the payment button . It will naturally comes to the credit card page.
 5.Entering credit card information .
 6.Pay this order directly.

5.For all members in our website,click the Buy Now button when you want to pay for this order.The system will automatically identify the payment ways of last time.